Right now we have BB01: F-Word Compilation and Zine and BB02: Posthumous by Savant for sale ($5 each). This summer we are slated to release tapes for Chandu’s, Manic, Jonathan, and a God’s Balls/Jewish Supremacy split. Scroll down for more info. Paypal will add shipping automatically!

BB01: Various Artists — F-Word Compilation

This tape was made in conjunction with a feminist benefit show put on by Faces of Feminism. It features over 24 local bands and comes with a zine. Each band contributed a page to the zine, and it looks super badass. Solicited artists include Erin Bassett, Stewart Harding, Josh Feigert, and J.R. Phillips, among others. All money goes to Kelli’s Childcare Collective, SisterSong, and Girls Rock Camp Atlanta. Support local music, art, and charity with just 5 buxxx!!!! Comes with MP3 download code, too!

Thank God – Savant  Structure – The Sunglasses  After Image – Feast Of Violet Alright Baby – Anna Kramer And The Lost Cause The Metrosexual Threw Off My Gaydar – Athens Boys Choir Boardwalk – Chandu’s Whine ( Live ) –  Aku You Catch The Caught - So So Death Year Of Dreams – Mood Rings The Urge – The Clap Totems – Roman Photos Bellwether – Sealions Sunday Sex – Carnivores Lady Dior – Wife Third World War – Cute Boots Manuka - Red Sea  Another Language – Qurious Harbingers Of Transcendence ( Live ) - Thy Mighty Contract Hold My Hand 2 ( Electric Boogaloo ) – Knaves Grave   Fodged Again ( Live ) – Ghost Bikini Vocal Discord – Siamese Twins Bulla – The Back Pockets The Space Between You ( Live ) – Vegan Coke As Is ( Bonus ) – Men’s Room

BB02: Savant — Post Humous

Charlie Walsh (vocals), Emma Sims (guitar), Camille Lindsley (bass), Alec Hatcher (drums). Recorded in January 2011. Big Blonde’s second release is a repress of Savant’s Post Humous.  This release includes bonus track Thank God, which can also be found on the  F-Word Comp.  As one of Big Blonde’s favorite local acts, this tape is a must have.  Grungy guitar tones are forced by barraging drums in a chaotic and sludgy formula of song composition while demented vocals express a controlled fuck you.  An exciting addition to Big Blonde!!

1. The Blues 2. Mount Detritus 3. Ponce de Leon 4. Post Humous 5. Stone Rooster 6. * Thank God (bonus track!)

BB003: Chandu’s — Creme de Chandu

To say the songs on this release are catchy is an understatement. The love-addicted melodies will fill your head for days–in a strictly pleasurable way. Virtuoso, slightly blown-out, and distorted, yes, but each song is full and sweet. Described by Creative Loafing as a dual personality: “The first shows off the new wave no wave and death-afflicted art rock stylings of songwriter David Spence (formerly of Facehugger) . . .. The second is a more lovey dovey venture under the influence of Jaye Marie Spangler . . ..”

Track listing: 1. Aint Got No Money 2. Boardwalk 3. Cheetah 4. Get in My Bag 5. Your House

BB0004: Manic

Young motherfuckers play some old school Atlanta shit. Past members of Die Ficken and Trash. See for yourself!!

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