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BB01: F-Word Compilation and Zine $5 (donated to charity)

(artwork by Erin Basset)

BB02: Savant Post Humous $5

BB03: Chandu’s Creme de Chandu $5

BB04: Manic Self-Titled $5

BB05: God’s Balls Self-Titled $6

(artwork by Jane Mai)

                                           BB06: Acid Freaks – Self-Titled $6

                                           BB007: Uberchrist- Lord Ov Paiin $6

                                                  BB008: Platonic Sex- Advances

                                                BB009: Stenzo- Crowd Features

                                         BB010: The Sunglasses- Live at Yauhaus 

                                                BB011: Carnivores- Black Canvas

BB012: Cheap Art/Rapturous Grief split tape

373311_537066776322260_1460450098_nBB013: Tape Atlanta Tape Compilation

frontBB014: Resons – Self-Titled

Screen shot 2013-03-23 at 9.27.07 PM

BB015: No Eyes – DREAMS ESP (WWAAWWEESS) single


BB016: Outer Gods – Beneath the Marred and Blackened Hand

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 7.48.14 AMBB018: Interphase Summer 2014 Comp + Zine

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Coming soon!

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