482711_10151365008117153_1355522984_n-1This Wednesday, come out to 529 for the Outer Gods release! Show is free; tapes are $3.

Tifaret, Twins, and Deep Space (improve doom from members of Rapturous Grief and Order of the Owl) play as well.

These cavernous, doom sounds come from The Flail and The Wrathe–the anonymous duo behind Outer Gods. “I am the flail of god. Had you not created great sins, god would not have sent the wrath of me upon you,” said Genghis Khan before he decimated an entire city. Punish your ears in the most pleasurable way this Wednesday. Badass artwork by Jeremy McCleary. Two versions of risographed covers. Comecomecome!!!

Local denizens of weird n’ noisy powerviolence, Rapturous Grief and Cheap Art are releasing a split tape on Big Blonde. The show is free, and the tape is $3. Yep, that means you get HALF OFF all Big Blonde tapes if you buy ‘em in person. In fact, it’s 2 tapes for $5 dollars. Come out and support DIY!!!!

New Additions!

September 15, 2012

That’s right, we’ve made a ton of updates to the site and will be making many more! Please make sure to check back often for info on past and upcoming releases, plus local Atlanta release shows.

Did you know… each online purchase comes with a free comp CD of all our releases. Featuring kewl one of a kind, handmade CD covers!

Check back in the next couple days for details on our upcoming Rapturous Grief/Cheap Art split release

New Releases!

August 2, 2011

Hey everybody!

It’s been a minute, I realize, but we have been busy setting up the Atlanta Zine Library. Please come check it out at Mint Gallery.

The opening date of AZL was also Chandu’s tape release show for Creme de Chandu’s. You can now purchase this 5 song tape online as well!

RIGHT NOW we are duplicating Manic tapes and will finish God’s Balls (hopefully) in time for the show tonight at Suburban Lanes. New York artist Jane Mai did the artwork for this one, so we’re doubly excited. See you tonight!!


Check out this fancy blog!!!!

Now we have a spot for you to get more info on all the cool shit we’re doing. For instance, we have F-Word Comp/Zine and Savant tapes for sale (only $5!). This summer we will be releasing tapes from Chandu’s, Manic, Jonathan, and a God’s Balls/Jewish Supremacy split.

AND we’re establishing a zine library. Fundraiser/zine reading on June 28th! More info soon.

Most importantly, let us know if you wanna do some cool shit together! Tapes, zines, shows, etc–we’re dowwwn!

don’t forget: bigblonderecords@gmail.com


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